• Lighting & Rendering, VFX feature film Mucklas. --> IMDB Trailer


  • Lighting & Rendering, VFX feature film  Moonbound. (Peterchens Mondfahrt)  --> IMDB Trailer


  • VFX, Comet Visualisation, Lighting & Render feature film Greenland. --> IMDB Trailer


  • Motion Capture editing, Lighting, Render, Character rigging, and animation of Paul „FRIDEFELD“.
  • Lighting & Rendering Documentary Film Little Germans.  --> IMDB Trailer
  • Animation Visualisation Nil, River Basin TH, Cologne


  • Motion Capture editing, Animation, Documentary Film Little Germans
  • 3d Motion graphics, Jahrhunderthaus Opener
  • Animation Visualisation Macacu Brasil TH, Cologne


  • VFX, Lighting & Render, Character animation Teaser „Peterchens Mondfahrt".
  • VFX, 3d Animation, Render & Lighting feature film Teheran Tabu --> IMDB Trailer
  • Animation of Intro Achterbahn Taron, Phantasialand
  • Product Visualisation for Härta


  • Animation River Basin Management TH, Cologne
  • Layout,  Animation, feature film Teheran Tabu
  • Lighting & Rendering Stand: Mercedes Benz
  • Look development of Light Tail „GTE 2015, Lissabon Mercedes Benz"
  • Design and animations of „Himmel oben, Himmel Unten"

  • Fluid Simulation for "TECE, Wasser-Strahl"


  • Lighting & Rendering, Shaders developement Coffee machine Tutto byTchibo.
  • KeyPose of "Sorgenfresser Cartoons" 3d Print
  • Modeling, Animation & Rendering  of Teaser „Kleine Germanen"
  • RnD  Snow and Landscape feature film „Peterson and Findus 2"

  • Lighting & Rendering, Shaders developement Coffee machine Assieme by Tchibo.
  • Animation & Rendering: Truck Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie
  • Modeling, Animation & Rendering Teaser „Teheran Tabu"
  • VFX, Terra X  „Stuerme“, ZDF


  • Particle Simulation, Lighting & Rendering Documentary Terra X: „Kristallen"
  • VFX, 3d Animation, Render & Lighting Documentary Frauen die Geschichte machten
  • VFX, 3d Animation, Render & Lighting Documentary Terra X: „Das Monster vom Garda See
  • VFX, 3d Animation, Render & Lighting Documentary Terra X: „Ein Haus der große Traum
  • Modeling and Animation Character Look up2"

  • VFX, 3d Animation, Render & Lighting Documentary Terra X: „Wilder Planet"


  • Lighting, Render & Character animation Dragon  „World economic Forum 2012“, Schweiz
  • VFX, 3d Animation, Render & Lighting Shortfilm „La Nuez“ Barcelona, Spanien


  • Character animation „Tamara“ by Toshiba, Germany
  • Motion Graphics 3d-logo „Douglas“, Germany
  • VFX, 3d Animationen, Comet Sberbank, Russia/Germany
  • Motion Graphics FICOD 2011 Madrid, Spain
  • Motion Graphics, Green Solutions 2011, Mexico
  • Lighting, Render & Shader Coffee machine advertaising spot Tchibo, Germany
  • Motion Graphics „EO“ 2011, Mexico
  • Coffee machine advertising spotLighting, Render & Shading Tchibo, Germany
  • VFX, Dokumentarfilm "The real Bastards" National Geographic, Deutschland
  • VFX, Motion Graphics, Spot Deutsche Telekom, Deutschland
  • Animationen, Rigging 3d Cartoon "Comic Hai", Köln
  • Animationen, Rigging 3d Cartoon "Josie, von Sascha G.", Hamburg
  • Technical support for visualization at Mercedes Benz, Berlin


    • VFX, 3d Animationen, Matte Painting Sberbank, Russland
    • Motion Graphics ITU Plenipotentiary 2010, Guadalajara, Mexico
    • Motion Graphics BID CII 2009 Cancun, Mexico
    • Motion Graphics „World Expo 2010" in China, Mexican pavilion, Mexico
    • VFX, Zink -Production, museum project , Germany
    • VFX, Water vortex simulation for BMW interactive application, Germany
    • VFX, Documentary "Deutsche Ikonen " ZDF, Germany
    • VFX, Documentary "Ozean"  National Geographic, ZDF, Germany


    • Animated bell advertising "Maggi" RTL, Germany
    • Animation of Petals for „Deutsche Telekom", Deutschland
    • Animation  Design Oil-Drops, Viessmann, Germany
    • Product visualization „Panorama" Bowers & Wilkins, England
    • Motion Graphics Sendung Asia Deutsche Welle, Germany
    • Motion Graphics MTV Game Awards 2008, Germany
    • Animation and design advertising „Gamefreax", Germany
    • Animation and design advertising „ALDI", Germany
    • Design of the logistics infographic RFID-System Identpro, Germany

    • Technical support for visualization Motor Perkins, BU Power System

    • Modeling  Smartphone 2009 Deutschen Telekom, Germany
    • Development Motion Graphics „Expo Zaragoza 2008", Mexican pavilion, Spain


    • Fotoreal Animationen of different Mikroscope Zeiss, Germany
    • Design  and Animation of Creatures of the night, Update, USA
    • Animationen Lenny explains Diabetes!, Medtronic, Schweiz


    • Animations for interactive application „Matrix Brenner Viessmann", Germany

    • Motion Graphics for interactive application, Toys ´r´ us, Germany
    • Motion Graphics for interactive application, DASA- Museum, Germany
    • Animation „Creatures of the Night" Music Hall, Germany/USA
    • Motion Graphics interactive application, Pepsi, Mexiko


    • Visualization of oncological devices, Treatment, set-up and dismantling of the treatment centre on behalf of

      Commissioned by SIEMENS Medical and the University Hospital Erlangen

    • Animated iron extraction process: Museum Luisenhütte, Sauerland

    • Animated maps: T-Systems Telekom Cebit 2006, Hannover


    • Shortfilm „Pi & Po"
    • Animated animal silhouettes: Animation, Allwetterzoo - Münster

    • Animation, Painting and Editing for Interactive Table, Westfälisches Windheim Museum of Storks

    • Animation „Expo Japan 2005", b&k+brandlhuber gmbh& - Cologne


    • Shortfilm „Delivery AG"


    • Animation, Design and interface for„Performative Spaces" Passagen 2003 bei 235MEDIA GmbH -Cologne
    • Short film „Leo der Unsterbliche?"
    • Shot film „Kehrseite"


    • Various animations for mobile phone providers